Get the Inside Scoop on Single Storey Extensions Staffordshire

Get the Inside Scoop on Single Storey Extensions Staffordshire

The right home improvements make private dwellings more spacious, comfortable and functional. As well, they typically boost the resale values of properties. If you’re interested in making home improvements, you’ll benefit from learning about the advantages single storey extensions Staffordshire. These types of extensions are quite popular with homeowners, as they offer so many benefits, without any drawbacks.


What Is a Single Storey Extension?

This type of extension adds height and square footage to a home. It’s a great way to access additional space. If the needs of your family are changing with time, you may find that a single storey extension makes it easier for everyone in your home to have enough room and breathing space. While this type of project may seem pretty involved, it’s not usually as complicated as homeowners expect it to be. This means that it may not take as much time or money as you think. A lot depends on the contractor that you choose. When you choose to work with a firm which is established, with a great reputation, you’ll be able to get your single storey extension with as little interruption to your normal lifestyle as possible.

These extensions are excellent choices for those who don’t wish to move, but need or want additional space. Good contractors will be able to extend older homes or new builds. They are also able to build in different styles, from very traditional to ultra-modern and everything in between. Your contracting company should have the skill to take care of every aspect of this type of home improvement project, from laying the foundation to doing the brickwork to adding tiles and gutters to optional electrical work (if you prefer them to take care of the wiring, also)! Optional plumbing work should also be available. A great company will have the expertise to paint and decorate the extension once it is built and wired.

How to Find a Good Contractor

A single storey extension is an investment. This is why it’s vital to research the reputations of contractors that you are interested in hiring, before you make a final decision about who to make a deal with. You should be able to find online feedback about construction companies and we do advise looking for this. It’s usually as easy as adding the word, “review” to a Google search for a specific company. A great company should have a lot of positive feedback. Also, visit the official websites of contractors that you are interested in. See how much experience they have and look at credentials. As well, check and see if there are galleries of finished product photographs. Seeing results for single storey extensions will assist you with finding the right construction company and avoiding the bad apples.

Once you’ve found a contractor that does measure up, you should move forward by making contact and requesting a quote. Usually, a contractor will come and look at your property before putting together a quote. He or she will also listen to you in order to determine exactly what you want.

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