How to Decide If Your Floors Need Sanding or Renovation

How to Decide If Your Floors Need Sanding or Renovation

Sanding floors is one of the more precise flooring services and it needs some preparation together with knowledge of flooring. This is a process that consists of varied techniques depending on the type of wood flooring needed to be sanded. Wood that is solid needs to be treated more than engineered wood. Engineered wood consists of very thin top layer of real wood with other layers beneath that.

Get expert opinion

There are many services for flooring London and they offer expert information as well as advice on the more popular sanding techniques. When you decide what company you might want to work with; then contact their customer service departments.

Floor looks

Deciding on whether your floor needs refinished is often hard to answer. Some of the problems you might have with your floors consist of:

  • Scratches
  • Very fine dents
  • Discoloration

But these don’t automatically mean the floor is in need of a professional flooring service. To confuse you more – surfaces that look glossy and smooth often need some help. How do you make this decision about refinishing? That’s where the experts can come into your home and give you their opinion and recommendations.Image result for How to Decide If Your Floors Need Sanding or Renovation

Remove things

When you have an appointment with an expert to come and examine your floor, you need to:

  • Remove rugs
  • Remove mats
  • Move light furniture pieces out of the way

This way the specialist can more effectively and quickly inspect the floor that you think needs help. After inspection they will set down with you and offer their opinion of what the floor needs as well as a bid to do the job.

Second opinion

Even though you asked for their opinion, remember that you can ask for a second opinion from professionals from another business. Then you need to decide and get one of the businesses to start on your floor.

Floors are best renovated during the beginning of seasonal changes – such as after winter but before summer or after summer but before fall or winter.

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