How To Look Sexy When You’re Doing House Work

Most people associate doing housework with old, baggy and worn out clothing. Nothing will kill a marriage faster than a husband seeing a wife look like someone who dresses out of a trashcan. On the other hand, you can hardly do your housework in a high heels and an evening dress. There is a middle ground. Your house work clothing should be the perfect balance between comfort and sexy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you shop for the perfect work clothes.

  1. Show off your figure.

The number one way to decrease your attractiveness is with baggy sweatpants. Most of the time, you’ll slip into a lazy mindset wearing these too. But they’re comfortable and easy to move in, so what else are you supposed to wear? The answer is leggings. Leggings are extremely comfortable and easy to move in, but they hug your figure and make you look much better than baggy sweats. Leggings and a t-shirt is the perfect combo for a day cleaning the house. This outfit wouldn’t be enough if you were going out, but they’re perfect for wearing around the house. Your husband will appreciate the view of your legs and derriere a lot more in leggings than he would in sweat pants. If you want to go the extra mile, wear a cute and comfortable dress over your leggings. Dresses like those available at are perfect for this.3

  1. Make effort with your hair and makeup.

Since your clothes will be leaning more towards casual, doing your hair and makeup can really make the difference between being plain and being sexy. Don’t go and do a dramatic smoky eye for hanging around the home, but applying concealer and mascara wouldn’t hurt. For the days where you decide to wear a pretty dress around the house, take it to the next level with red lipstick. Your husband will notice the sudden difference and find you a lot sexier all of a sudden.

Hair should be tied up if you’re working around the home, but don’t resort to bedhead buns. The messy bun might be a trend, but it certainly isn’t sexy. Instead make sure your hair is always healthy and shiny, brush it every morning and put it into a cute style. A ponytail, bun or braid could all look great, but braids are excellent for making your look more feminine and sexy. Accessorize with hairclips and hairbands and you’ll be much sexier.

  1. Stay clean

This might be hard when you’re cleaning the house, but there are a few days you could do this. First of all, always shower in the mornings. You could look amazing, but if you smell bad it will instantly make you unsexy. Secondly, pick dark colors that stains won’t show up on easily. Never wear white when you’re cleaning the house. It will get dirty easily and it might not wash out.

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