Dress Up Your Space

Dress Up Your Space

Are you ready for a new look in your living space?  Perhaps you’ve just undergone a transformation with your personal look and are motivated to step up the look in your living space.  Did you recently take advantage of Groupon coupons and get a new style at your local hair salon? Good for you! If you’re still a bit intimidated on how to tackle a make over of your living space, follow these tips from the experts and you’ll be entertaining in style in no time.

Remove all furniture, carpets, window treatments and wall art from the space. Check the sight lines with the adjoining space before selecting a color. Ideally, the color in your main living space should complement the adjacent rooms. Select a lighter shade and use accent pieces to bring in pops of deeper, darker color in the room. After prepping the walls, apply two coats on the walls. Define the focal point of the room. This could be a large picture window, fireplace or large piece of furniture. Arrange your furniture in a conversational area around this focal point. Avoid smaller, occasional pieces of furniture in the space as these tend to clutter a conversation area.  If the size of the room allows, float the sofa instead of having it directly on a wall.Image result for Dress Up Your Space

When hanging window treatments, hang them as close the ceiling as the style permits. The goal is to have the eye travel to the ceiling, giving the room the sense of volume it deserves. Return accessories to the space, but be a strong editor. With accessories, less is more. Cluster accessories in like groups of three items. Consider storing extra accessories and rotating them with the seasons. When a space is too cluttered with accessories, it’s difficult enjoy any one item.

Congratulations on all of your efforts – you’ve just redecorated your space!

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