Four Reasons To Go Green With Orange County Solar

If you are in need of commercial and residential solar panels, then you have come to the right place. Orange County Solar has been serving the San Diego and Los Angeles counties and its surrounding areas, providing residents and businesses with the outstanding benefits of solar energy. Perhaps you are wondering what are these benefits? Here we will briefly dive into the four main reasons why going solar can benefit you.

  1. Solar energy is good for the environment.

Solar energy eliminates our carbon footprints, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions. Solar energy provides clean electricity that solar panels collect from the sun’s rays during the day. According to, in 20 years just one residential solar system can offset up to 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide, which is “the equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles.” Imagine the impact we can make on the environment if more homes switched to solar energy!Image result for Orange County Solar

  1. Solar energy helps your home become more  self-sufficient.

Solar energy is an excellent way to make your home or business more autonomous by relying less on nonrenewable energy sources like natural gas, oil, and coal. Also, for homes in rural areas or new constructions, solar energy makes more sense than of installing lengthy electric utility lines. Combining solar power with well water can even lead to more savings and self-sufficiency.

  1. Solar energy increases a home’s value.

Buyers are increasingly interested in purchasing a home with solar panels due to the savings they would get in utility bills. Good Home Energy Ratings are becoming a major selling factor in the real estate market, as sustainability is indicative of the future. In fact, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), one study finds that homes equipped with solar energy sell 20% faster and at a higher price compared to their non-renewable energy sourced counterparts.

  1. Solar energy saves on energy costs.

Since solar energy is sustainable and renewable, once you install solar panels, you now have an unlimited source of free energy. Imagine not having to pay an electric company monthly for electricity and only having to worry about a warranty and upkeep of your solar panels? There is far less cost involved! Also, very little maintenance is involved in keeping up with your solar panels, making them even more affordable.

If you have any questions about installing eco-friendly, money-saving solar panels at your home or business, give us a call at Orange County Solar. There are billions of years of sunshine left on this planet, so solar energy is something that is sure to become a part of our legacy long after fossil fuels have been exhausted. Come join us and take a step into future today.

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