Tips for a Successful Real Estate Open House

Tips for a Successful Real Estate Open House

If you are selling a home there are few marketing techniques more effective than an open house. Rather than cold calling or hoping someone runs into your multiple listing ad, you can get potential buyers to come to you. People who visit open houses are highly likely to buy, compared the the general public. They have set aside time out of their busy lives to tour a house. That usually requires some interest on their part. So open houses are well worth the time, money and effort involved. Here are some tips to make your next open house lead to a sale.


Be sure to become familiar with the traffic patterns in the neighborhood, to optimize where you put the open house signs. There should be one in front of the house and on major streets that get traffic in the neighborhood. Make use of arrows on the signs and make sure they are pointing in the right direction. Put yourself in the place of a visitor not familiar with the area. If they try to follow the signs, can they find the house? Take several routes in your car and see if the signs bring them to the right place and you have not missed a turn with your signage.Image result for Tips for a Successful Real Estate Open House

Have free Food

Catering hor’dourves and snacks can bring in more people. Done right, it can make people feel at home, which may make them want the place to become their next home.  Hire a local caterer or have quality items delivered, like chocolate dipped strawberries from Shari’s Berries.

Advertise on Social Media

Go where the people are to advertise. These days, they are hanging out on sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Make use of many tools to get your open house notice in front of many eyes.  Your house may have photos on the multiple listing service, but you will get many more views on Instagram. You can be your own social media manager or you can use apps that will cross-post your open house invitations on multiple platforms at once, saving you time and money.

Use a Staging Company

People want to imagine a fabulous life they can have in a new home. Other people’s belongings distract them from that necessary day dream. An empty house simply does not stimulate their imagination enough to inspire a sale.  Using a staging company and rented furniture will pay for itself many times over. Statistics show that well staged houses sell quicker and sell for more money.

Follow these tips and you will bring in more serious buyers to see the home(s) you have for sale. Everyone knows that real estate is a numbers game. You need to show a house to sell a house. Use open houses to your advantage and your listing will spend much less time on the market.

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