5 questions you need to ask before buying flat sheets online

5 questions you need to ask before buying flat sheets online

Did you know that living in a happy and beautiful surrounding can actually make your mood joyful? Since the place where most of us spend 70% of our time is our home, it becomes must to make your home look beautiful and attractive to others as well as to you! Home is the place we look forward to after spending hectic hours in office and comfy bed is definitely our best companion. Beautiful bedding definitely offers us a relaxed and sound sleep. Now take a 2 min break and think about the most comfortable sleep you ever had! Which thing comes first in your mind? If it is bedsheet, you are at the right place. As sheets are what our skin directly comes in contact with, it requires special measures to find out which kind of bedsheet works best for you.3

Now for 70% of people, buying flat sheets is not a big deal and requires no special effort- Just find out fitted sheet, top sheet, pillowcase in the color that matches your expectations and you are done! Well, I am sorry to say but there is a lot more. Color and  patterns are definitely important, but you are forgetting another equally important part ie fabric. After coming home from a tired hectic day, it is not the color that will draw your attention, but the extent of comfort your bedding gives you will matter to you. The article address five questions you must take into consideration while buying flat sheets online :

  1. Do I like extra softness?

Are you one of those who believe, the softer the better then Pima, Egyptian, 100% cotton sheets with thread count of 400 or more are your best friends. As Supima and Egyptian fabrics are made of Pima cotton that comes with exceptionally long fibres, flat sheets made of these are sure to provide you utter softness and are perfect for daily use that requires frequent washes. flat sheets of Sateen fabric are another best choice if you need more softness.

  1. Do I want simple or luxury :

For those, who love luxury, silk flat sheets work perfect. Silk flat sheets are lightweight, beautiful and give the feeling of luxury. The extreme softness and extra shimmer will add glamor to your bedroom and will make everyone mesmerized. But not to mention, to bring this luxury to your bedroom, you will have to put some extra money as silk flat sheets are bit costlier than other ones. But again, everything comes at a price right?

  1. Am I buying bedsheet for winters?

Are you planning to buy flat sheets that can bring you extra warmth? When the chills of winters enter your bedroom, nothing feels comfier than 100% cotton flannel sheets. Unlike above mentioned flat sheets, flannel isn’t measured in thread count but in ounces per square yard and come in fuzzy finish. The concept is simple, the more it weighs, the thicker it is and the warmer it will keep you throughout the night.

  1. What if I am planning to buy bedsheet for any teenager or child?

If you are thinking how does it even matter, then you need to think again. flat sheets vary from adults to teenagers to kids.  While kids are more interested in color and design rather than fabric, teenagers are more inclined towards soft and stretchy feels. That’s why if you are considering flat sheets for kids, go for combinations of good fabric and interesting patterns. On the other hand, jersey flat sheets will work great for teenagers.

  1. Last but definitely not the least, what if I am tight on budget?

Budget is definitely important no matter what kind of product you are going to buy. So if you are little short on budget, you don’t need to be disheartened. You can go for cotton or poly blend flat sheets as they are highly durable, soft, wrinkle free and of course, pocket friendly.

So friends, next time you plan to buy flat sheets online, have a look at these questions and let me know if it helped. Your suggestions are welcomed in the comments below.


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