How to Keep Laminate Hardwood Floors Clean

How to Keep Laminate Hardwood Floors Clean

We all dream of high quality hardwood flooring but in many cases, we will have to settle for the more affordable laminate flooring installations. Not only are they getting more durable, there are plenty of laminate flooring options that will suit all tastes and preferences. If you have installed some high quality laminate flooring in your house, you won’t want them to wear out quickly and begin looking cheap. They look best when they look new and shiny and the best way to achieve that is by employing clever cleaning routines. Here are some useful tips on how you can best clean your laminate hardwood flooring:-

Find the Right Mop for Laminate Cleaning

It is important to first ensure that you have the right mop to use for the job. Microfiber mops are generally best suited for laminate floor cleaning jobs. They are able to glide smoothly on the laminate floor easily picking up the dirt and debris, including pet hair. Due to their swivel heads, you will also be able to clean larger surface areas in only a few minutes, saving you time and effort. You can also use them to easily clean some of those harder to reach areas such as beneath furniture. Another advantage is that they use very little water; too much water will cause your laminate to warp, quickly destroying your beautiful flooring.


Cleaning solution

Use the manufacturer recommended cleaning solution for your laminate flooring or simply ask for tips on the safest cleaning products that you can use. Some of recommended ones include alcohol, baby shampoo, or even vinegar. Add a little baby shampoo to the cleaning water; a tablespoon in a bucket of water will be sufficient. Alcohol is very effective in removing marks from crayons, shoe polish or even nail polish from your laminate floors. To get a shinier finish on your laminate floors, you can also mix vinegar with hot water and use it to clean your floor. Don’t use too much vinegar, though, as it will likely remove the protective laminate floor covering.

Find the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors

Having laminate floors can pose a serious challenge especially when it comes to picking up pet hair. That is why it is important that you purchase the best hardwood floor vacuums that will make easy work of the pet hair, dander and other small debris which is so noticeable on a laminate floor. Find hardwood vacuums that can maintain high suction power throughout your cleaning, so as to get rid of as much debris and pet hair as possible. The vacuum should also have an adjustable power brush that can be turned on and off depending on the type of floor that you are cleaning.


Avoid wet mopping

We can’t emphasize this enough. Wet mopping your laminate floors is going to damage them. It will cause warping of the laminate and very soon cracks will begin to emerge. When cleaning, make sure you wring the mop out thoroughly, or simply use the microfiber mop that we recommended above. You may be fortunate and have a special waterproof laminate floor that can withstand water, but you need to double check this with the supplier or manufacturer.

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