Urban roof rock garden ideas

Urban roof rock garden ideas

Rock gardens are an incredible method of adding distinctive shapes and textures to your garden landscape. The combination of the multitude of available lightweight rocks, flowers and plants is a low-cost way to boost the beauty of your roof garden design. Rock gardens can be used on your roof as a creative reflection of breathtaking mountainous scenes that you can enjoy everyday. An assortment of plants and flowers complement and supplement the neutral, tranquil and ageless environment developed by using rocks in roof gardens.

Planning that rocks

Fine-looking rock gardens are extremely attractive when they harmoniously fit into a roof garden landscape. Garden rocks in unsuccessfully designed rock gardens will be lifeless and uninviting. Striking rock garden design is definitely an art, so if you are a beginner you will need to learn the basics of designing with outdoor rocks. You can visit gardenclublondon.co.uk for lots of inspirational planting ideas.


Formal roof rock gardens usually emphasise your homes external design and architectural characteristics. Stunning rock garden designs make your roof look more harmonious and turn an unnatural landscape into a work of art. It may seem a daunting task to begin with, but you will derive a lot of happiness from the final result.

How to design a roof rock garden

Before you design a roof rock garden, you will need to assess the potential of your roof in terms of safety. The most important thoughts that you need to have are about drainage, weight sunlight exposure, and existing house design

  • Drainage for your roof rock garden – Roof rock garden design needs planters that have good drainage. You could make them slightly raised as this is ideal when designing an attractive rock garden. Plants will perish in areas that stay wet for most of the time.
  • Sunlight exposure on a roof – Sunlight coverage is critical for most plants and flowers, and this is no different for roof rock garden design, even though a proportion of your plants will probably grow well in shade. In case your roof has both bright and shady areas, it will be a good idea to design different areas to your roof rock gardens.
  • House outer walls design and your roof rock garden -House design and your roof rock garden appearance will not be as important as your roofs drainage capability or sunlight exposure; however roof rock gardens have a visual impact on the general appearance of your home. All natural rock gardens can be created with lightweight reproduction coping stones.

Rock gardens make a roof more interesting, surprising and beautiful. By including a rocky area to your roof garden with the inclusion of plants for informal design will add natural charm. You can get support at designing the tranquillity and enduring elegance of planning your rock garden from gardenclublondon.co.uk.

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